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Consumables - Infusion Sets

Finding the right infusion set for you is an integral part of insulin delivery and making sure you are getting the best from your insulin pump.

Finding the right infusion set is an important part of successful insulin pump therapy, which is why we offer different options;

AutoSoft™ 90

The AutoSoft™ 90 infusion set is our most popular all-in-one infusion set. The 90-degree
soft cannula comes pre-loaded in an automatic spring inserter, so one-handed insertions are
quick and easy, even in hard-to-reach areas.

  • 90° flexible soft cannula
  • Automatic insertion
  • Reversible connector makes reconnection simple and quick
  • Large grip areas on connector make disconnection easier
  • Available in Blue, Pink, and Grey
  • Available with 6mm (0.3 units fill rate) or 9mm (0.5 units fill rate) cannula
  • Available with 60cm or 110cm tubing

Autosoft 90 Infusion Set Inserter in BlueAutosoft 90 Infusion Set in Blue

AutoSoft™ 30

The AutoSoft™ 30 infusion set is an all-in-one, angled infusion set with a disposable
integrated insertion device. The inserter ensures a 30-degree angle with each insertion and
the reversible connector makes reconnecting fast.

  • 30° flexible soft cannula
  • Automatic insertion
  • Reversible connector makes reconnection simple and quick
  • Transparent window at insertion point
  • 13mm cannula (0.7 units fill rate)
  • Available with 60cm or 110cm tubing

Autosoft 30 Infusion Set InserterAutosoft 30 Infusion Set


The VariSoft™ infusion set is easy to insert, has a discrete, low profile, and convenient
at-site disconnection. It allows users to choose their most comfortable insertion angle (20 to
45 degrees). Patients who are lean and active often prefer this set.

  • 30° flexible soft cannula
  • Manual insertion
  • Small window shows insertion point
  • Built-in adhesive is strong yet hypoallergenic
  • Visible and audible connection and disconnection confirmation
  • Available with 13mm or 17mm cannula
  • Available with 60cm or 110cm tubing

VariSoft Infusion Set 17mmVariSoft Infusion Set 13mm


The TruSteel™ infusion set features a very fine, 29-gauge, 90-degree stainless steel needle
for those who prefer the reliability of steel sets but do not want to compromise on comfort.
With its additional adhesive pad, it provides extra security against needle dislodging. The
set's simplicity and security make it a good choice for those who have reactions to plastic
cannulas, and those with a history of bent cannulas.

  • 90° stainless steel needle
  • Manual insertion
  • Additional adhesive pad offers extra protection against dislodging
  • Available with 6mm or 8mm cannula
  • Features t:lockTM Connector (10 ea.)
  • Available with 60cm or 82cm tubing

TruSteel Infusion SetTruSteel Infusion Set

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