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Privacy Notice

Respect for privacy and use of personal data

The privacy and the security of your information is very important to us. Air Liquide’s policy is to respect and protect the privacy of our service users. Your consent will have been obtained in order to share your personal information with Air Liquide and others involved in your care. Air Liquide will not voluntarily disclose individually identifiable information about you to anyone outside of this statement, unless there is a lawful or contractual requirement for us to share. We will never forward your personal data on to third parties for direct marketing purposes.

Why we hold and process your data

Air Liquide requires your personal data in order to provide you with an Insulin pump, as stipulated within the contractual agreement between Air Liquide and your local NHS and HSE. Your data will continue to be processed by ourselves throughout the four year warranty period relating to your specific Insulin pump. We will only request, store and process the minimum amount of personal information necessary for carrying out this service. This may include for example; name, address including postal code, date of birth, contact telephone number and any details relating to Parent/Guardian(s) where applicable. Please note that this list is not exhaustive. This data is initially disclosed to Air Liquide, with your consent, by the Healthcare Professional responsible for referring you to our service to receive an Insulin pump. Failure to provide the necessary data required to carry out the terms, may result in withdrawal of the service provided by Air Liquide.

Procedure for collecting your personal data

Service User personal data may be collected in a variety of different ways including:

  • Directly from the service user (whether in writing or verbally, directly or indirectly through our customer service or sales teams or through any returned pumps which may contain some health data)
  • Healthcare Professionals responsible for or involved in your diabetic care & treatment
  • Any representative or next of kin involved in your care
  • Any other third party with whom we share your information (as listed below)

Your personal data is held securely with appropriate access controls; in accordance with NHS, HSE and Data Protection requirements. NHS, HSE and Statutory retention periods apply in all instances. Further information relating to retention periods can be obtained from the company’s Data Protection Officers.

It is important that your personal data is kept up to date

Air Liquide will take all reasonable steps to ensure your personal data is complete, accurate and kept up to date. However, it is also your responsibility to update the company with immediate effect should any of your personal information/data change. The consequence of not providing up to date information could result in error and inaccuracies which could be detrimental to both you as the service user and Air Liquide.

Sharing of your personal data

As mentioned above we will not voluntarily disclose your personal data to any third party; unless there is a lawful or contractual requirement for us to do so. Due to the nature of our service, we will however routinely share your personal information in order to deliver our company contractual obligations. To this end, your data will be shared with:

  • Your referring Clinician (will include the diabetic service/Hospital responsible for your care)
  • Your local NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) or the HSE - although data shared may be redacted dependent upon the country and area in which you live
  • The Courier service chosen by Air Liquide to deliver the pumps and/or consumables (name, address and contact information only, if applicable)
  • Air Liquide Group (only applicable to those who choose to exercise their rights as stated below)

Air Liquide Healthcare Limited will not share your personal data with a third country or international organisation (unless an adequacy agreement is in place).

Your Data Subject Access rights

Right of Access

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and UK GDPR you, as a service user, have the right to know how your data is being processed and also the right to access your personal data. Under normal circumstances Air Liquide has 30 calendar days to provide the necessary information. However, if your request for more complex requests, is deemed manifestly unfounded or excessive you may be charged a small administrative fee and the 30 calendar days to process your request may be extended for up to an additional 60 calendar days. In addition, if you require more than one copy of the information, a small administrative fee may be invoked, at the discretion of the applicable Data Protection Officer.

Other rights under GDPR

You may also have other rights (where applicable), for example the right to have any incorrect or incomplete data corrected, the right to object to processing, the right to restrict processing activities and the right to erasure of your personal data. However, it should be noted that your right is not absolute and will only apply in certain circumstances. If you wish to lodge a complaint regarding how your data is stored or processed please contact the company’s Data Protection Officer for your country of residence (details below). For further information on all your data subject rights, or if you are not satisfied with how a complaint has been dealt with, please refer to -

  • For the UK: The Information Commissioner's website
  • For Ireland: The Data Protection Commission’s website

You have the right to withdraw your consent to share your personal data with Air Liquide at any time. However in doing so, the service we provide to you may be terminated. All service user requests relating to your rights under the GDPR & UK GDPR should be directed to the applicable Air Liquide Data Protection Officer.

Data Protection Officer

Natasha Bhullar -

Alison Dunne (Ireland) -

Privacy Statement Modifications

Air Liquide Healthcare Limited have the right to modify or update this Privacy Statement at any time. Such updates will also be flagged on the website homepage. All such modifications and updates are applicable as soon as they are made.


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