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Has the t:slim X2 insulin pump changed the way you live with diabetes? How has Control-IQ technology helped you manage your diabetes? Let us know!

Fill out our form below and tell us your testimonials and inspirational stories of life with the t:slim X2 insulin pump and how it has helped towards making diabetes easier for you or someone you love.

Check out this testimonial from Yasmin to give you some inspiration! 

Having access to the t:slim X2 and Control-IQ technology has been the stepping stone I needed to feel as if I had any kind of control over my diabetes. Being diagnosed with Type 1 has brought trials and tribulations with pens and other pumps over the past 17 years but now I finally feel like that person with diabetes who really can do anything. The closed loop abilities of the pump mean that I have reduced decision-making, reduced distress, increased time in range and therefore less complication anxiety. The technology has brought me a whole new life and I will continue to have the strength to ensure others who need this can have the same experience.

Yasmin - t:slim X2 with Control-IQ technology
Yasmin at dinner eating pasta with her t:slilm X2


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